1. Become part of The Coincidence Problem

    You are invited to become part of
    The Coincidence Problem
    November 6, 7:30pm
    Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver, BC
    Admission is FREE and open to all

    Occasion: Launch of the 2013 Memory Festival

    Main Event: Performance of The Coincidence Problem:
              Written by Stephen Osborne (text published in Geist 47);
              a sound installation by the Los Angeles composer Cassia Streb.
              Accompanied by 2 live choirs, several percussionists and your smartphones!
              Conducted by DB Boyko.

    AND The My ABC Colouring Book, a set of lithographs created by the British artist Peter Daglish in Vancouver in 1970 and coloured by artists who formed the Western Front, will be opened for public exhibition by Sue Donaldson, who collected and commissioned the work (runs November 4-10);

    ANDa workshop in Mail Art with Karina Irvine will be ongoing throughout the evening;

    ALSO on display will be retrospectives of artwork by Western Front artists Glenn LewisEric Metcalfe and Kate Craig (runs November 4-10).

    Be there at 7:30 pm, November 6, by accident or intention.
    Directions and parking instructions can be found here.

    Note: bring your smartphones, tablets, iPods—anything with wifi and sound—and headphones for the full experience.


  2. New York Corres Sponge Dance School of Vancouver Swimmer, 1973

    Artist Glenn Lewis (aka, Flakey Rrose Hip, founding member of the Western Front) created the mail-art exchange group known as the New York Corres Sponge Dance School of Vancouver. The NYCSDSOV camouflaged its meetings as performances at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre, public events witnessed by bemused fellow swimmers, featuring synchronized aquatic routines and shark fin swimming caps.

    A retrospective of his work and that of other Western Front artists will be on display at the 2013 Memory Festival, November 4-10.


  3. Leopard Realty Postcards A-D, 1971-72

    In the early 1970s in Vancouver, Kate Craig and Eric Metcalfe embarked on a project of colonizing a world with leopard spots. A retrospective of their work, along with other Western Front artists, will be on display at the Memory Festival, November 4-10, 2013.